Sunday, June 21, 2009

some testomonials from farm volunteers

Below is a testimonial from Anson regarding Sunday,June 7th:

On Sunday, June 7th I volunteered for the first time on a farm and learned everything from how deep the roots have to be planted in the ground to what a scape is and what can be done with it.

I learned how to measure the distance between where each tomato plant needs to be set in the ground, how to dig the hole with the electric power machine, inserted the compost, watered the plant, and the term "Heirloom Tomatoes" that these plants were specially brought in from New Jersey to be grown on this farm.

It was a great experience and I encourage others to try it.

It was a peculiar hot day and I thought to myself "wow this is a huge farm".

I did mostly planting of "Heirloom Tomatoes" and put compost in the ground to setup the plants to be seeded.

I thought that the air quality was good. The rain water wets the leaves and that is no good. I wish there was a way to add a water well on the land.

Some of the volunteers and I spoke about our particular situations of being unemployed. One just got out of a long marriage and is going through the motions. I like the variety of the others professions.

Not everyday you get to farm tomatoes with a lawyer, chef, accountant, and airplane mechanic.

Good overall experience!
Sincerely, Anson

And one from Michael Bermudez below

Hey Mark, here's a write up for the blog...

Last Saturday, June 6, I found myself muddy, sweaty and tired,
and unable to get the smile off my face.

The weather was perfect for working outside, and there was plenty of work to be done!

I spent most of the day digging new homes for tomato plants, while the rest of the team took care of things like laying down stakes, distributing soil and actually planting the tomato plants.

I had lots of time to talk and get to know the people there, everyone seemed extremely knowledgeable.

One topic in particular was about the company Monsanto and what they are doing to our foods. Soy is a big part of a vegan diet, so this was pretty startling! I absolutely loved hearing Mark talk about bio-diesel, and it's something i have been telling everyone.

I'm looking forward to learning more about it. I know very little about farming, outside of growing some vegetables at home, but I never felt at a disadvantage, everyone is happy to share tips and tricks with you.

One the ride home all I could think about was how fulfilling the work I did that day was !!!!
Working with my hands to help create food with a group of great people, you can't beat that. Now the wait for the weekend is just that much harder.

I think this weekend its just going to be me, Justin has work on saturday. I sent out an email to my friends, hopefully I'll get a response.

See you soon!

Michael Bermudez

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